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Young Person award 2017 winner

Savannah has battled many mental health problems since she was 11 years old. She has been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder and has struggled with recurring anorexia nervosa, to mention a few. She has, however, used her experiences to reach out to help others in similar situations.

Savannah joined the charity ‘Fixers’ and made a short movie on social anxiety that was featured on ITV. Through this she has become a public advocate and the film continues to be shown in the education arena.

She has since set up a social media page with over 1,000 supporters, and has taken part in numerous events, helping others who identify with her experiences. Savannah recently became a blogger with Huffington Post and online platform ‘The Mighty'. She spoke at Ignite Cardiff to 500 people about anorexia nervosa, which is quite an accomplishment for someone with social anxiety disorder and difficulty in communicating with others.

Savannah spent much of 2016 volunteering, helping children and adults with complex needs in the USA. Her goal is to not only help those with mental health issues, but also to dedicate her career to special needs as she is studying to be a special educational needs teacher. Savannah is currently working on her 2nd book which talks about her journey with mental health.