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Nominated for Innovation, Science & Technology award

Winners of the 2017 Cardiff Business Awards, Sure Chill is a ground-breaking cooling technology company set to revolutionise the way the world cools. Unlike conventional refrigerators, Sure Chill technology doesn’t need constant power. It harnesses a natural phenomenon in water to store energy, enabling weeks of continuous cooling without the need for constant power.

The patented technology was developed to protect life-saving temperature sensitive vaccines in developing countries plagued with power outages. Today, vaccine refrigerators with Sure Chill technology are used in 47 countries by UNICEF and Ministries of Health, helping protect the lives of over 300m children.

The company has support from 2 of the world’s leading foundations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Shell Foundation, who recognise Sure Chill’s unprecedented potential in helping solve separate global challenges.

The breath-taking potential was also recognised by the Dubai Government, who in 2016 selected Sure Chill as one of the most innovative technologies in the world. They recognised that Sure Chill is equally applicable in developed economies, providing a leap forward in demand-side power management, allowing refrigerators to run perfectly using only a few hours of power a day.

The company has just successfully completed a pilot with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to time-shift energy usage, significantly reducing energy costs for homeowners and businesses whilst promoting use of renewable energy sources.

Sure Chill is now in partnership discussions with some of the world’s largest brands to help solve their cooling and energy challenges.