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Critical Worker (Key Worker) award 2024 winners

The Therapy and Recovery Team at Brynawel Rehab are a small but dedicated team who deliver assessment and rehabilitation programmes for adults with addiction, substance use disorder or Alcohol Related Brain Damage. The team work alongside therapists, medical staff and occupational therapists to treat, on average, 100 people a year. Their therapeutic approach enables them to work with people with complex needs, co-existing mental health problems and significant trauma.

Treatment programs are designed to meet the individual’s recovery goals in a safe, calm ‘recovery village’. Interventions are provided at every stage of a person’s recovery. This includes the provision of therapeutic allotments, gardens and horticultural therapy which allows people to own allotment plots and learn new skills in taking care of plants and wildlife and helps them develop their social and communication skills too.

Support is also given families, friends and carers through a ‘Forgotten Voices’ support group.

During the Covid pandemic, the team overcame major challenges to maintain a full service.

The team’s new ‘Beyond Brynawel’ service is on offer to all discharged residents for a year after leaving in order to support a sustainable recovery.

Feedback about the positive results of their work with some of the most vulnerable in society has been inspiring.