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Nominated for Sport award

The Welsh Members of TeamGB and ParalympicsGB2016 was a wonderfully successful year for Wales’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes competing in Rio. For years our dedicated Welsh athletes have put in hours of unseen and unsung gruelling work. The teams represented the country with dignity and courage, many of them overcoming personal obstacles and pain on their journey to Olympic and Paralympic standard. 

The 24 Welsh athletes selected by TeamGB was the largest ever overseas contingent of Welsh athletes at an Olympic Games and the 10 medals won in Rio smashed the previous best of 7 at London 2012 and equalled the 4 gold medals won at Antwerp in 1920. 

At the Paralympics the 26 Welsh athletes selected by ParalympicsGB accounted for 10% of the Great Britain team. 

The 5 gold medals secured by Welsh para athletes in Rio surpassed the 3 won in London, and made up 8% of the gold medals won by ParalympicsGB. The number of sports in which Welsh athletes won medals was also up from 4 in London to 6 in Rio - athletics, swimming, table tennis, rowing, archery and wheelchair basketball. 

Each of them is an incredible inspiration to the young people of Wales, who aspire to their individual sport, but as a team and as individuals they were and will be worthy ambassadors for our country.