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Consultation on the future of population and migration statistics in Wales and England

On 29 June, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) launched a public consultation on proposals for a new approach to population and migration statistics (ONS). Your input is essential evidence for the National Statistician’s recommendations to government on the future of population and migration statistics, and the census. 

We encourage you to respond to the consultation and to circulate to anyone who may be interested. 

The consultation is easy to complete and is available in English (Consultation on the future of population and migration statistics in England and Wales (ONS)) and Welsh (Ymgynghoriad ar ddyfodol ystadegau ar y boblogaeth a mudo yng Nghymru a Lloegr (ONS)). If you need any help to complete your response, you can email the ONS or contact them on 01329 444972. 

The ONS has produced an animated video available in English or Welsh (Trawsnewid y ffordd y rydym yn cynhyrchu ystadegau (ONS)) to find out more about why they are transforming the way they produce statistics.  The latest episode of the ONS’ Statistically Speaking podcast, also explores how the ONS has been working to transform the way they count the population, using new datasets to give more accurate, timely, and detailed measurements. It also discusses the consultation. 

The consultation will close on Thursday 26 October.

Additional information

Alongside the consultation, the ONS has released a comprehensive suite of research, providing users with evidence on the progress that they have made towards developing a new system to produce high-quality, timely population statistics with admin data at its core. 

These include:

The following articles, which also contribute towards the evidence base, have also been published:

Also released is the ONS blog on Growing confidence in our ability to move to a new population statistics system.

Welsh language statistics

For information on Welsh language statistics, please see the Statistics Wales quarterly update.

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