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Stephen Gifford

Stephen Gifford is a member of the South East Wales Transport Commission.

Stephen Gifford is an economist with 25 years of professional experience including as the Chief Economist at Grant Thornton, the Director of Economics at the CBI and as a senior economist at KPMG, Oxford Economics, Civil Aviation Authority and the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit.

Stephen is currently a member of the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales and Head of Economics at the Faraday Institution. He has expertise in transport economics, transport planning, economic policy, economic regulation, government and infrastructure. He has worked on many transport infrastructure projects including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Crossrail and Heathrow’s new runway. He has also estimated the impact of transport delays in London on the economy for the Greater London Authority and recently developed a model at the Faraday Institution to forecast Electric Vehicle demand and supply in the UK to 2040. Stephen lives in Oxford.