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A summary of the group's purpose.


The Strategic Education Delivery Group will take on the role of guardianship of the effective delivery of our national mission. It will actively support the ambition of building a culture of collaboration across Government in Wales and the middle tier.

Key focus

The key focus for the group is to secure and deliver collaborative professionalism between all of the middle tier organisations in Wales. This will require that all members and organisations in the group focus on:

  • Transforming teaching and learning in our schools
  • Evaluation that is evidence informed, not data driven
  • Providing honest, but constructive feedback within and across our organisations, enabling refinements in reforms without destabilising the delivery of our national mission
  • Aligning programmes or activities where they impact on schools and/or where there are overlapping functions
  • Seeking explanations and clarity of meaning where needed
  • Seeking to deliver continuous collaborative enquiry within and across our organisations, and
  • Our role as professional educators actively caring for, and having solidarity with, each other.

The main benefits for our education system will be the membership of key professionals that support education reform in Wales moving on a continuum from self-efficacy to collective efficacy. This move will see an organisation move from the belief that their people can make a difference, have an impact, or achieve their goals to one where all of the organisations believe that together we can make a difference to our children and young people in Wales, no matter what. Members of the group set out a strong desire to build strong collaborative professionalism to enable the group to be guardians of our national mission.

Members of the group will use the meetings to build and enrich their understanding of the key strategic elements of our national mission; and enhance opportunities to identify areas of synergy across their work.

The group will have an independent Chairperson and will invite academic thought leaders to inform discussions.

The group will have the opportunity to influence policy as it is developed within the Welsh Government. Where appropriate, the Chair will be provided with opportunities to provide independent feedback to the Minister for Education on progress being made in delivery of our national mission.

Roles and responsibilities

Board members are responsible for:

  • Reading all materials presented for their consideration and for contributing opinions and relevant examples of experience for discussion, and
  • Contributing to a culture of collaborative professionalism and building collective efficacy amongst the middle tier organisations and government in Wales.

Frequency of meetings

The board will normally meet 6 times a year.


The board is serviced by the Welsh Government Education Directorate.


  • Chair – Professor Dylan Jones, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University Wales Trinity St David
  • Estyn
  • Qualifications Wales
  • Association of Directors of Education in Wales (ADEW)
  • Central South Consortium (CSC)
  • Education Achievement Service (EAS)
  • Education through Regional Working (ERW)
  • North Wales consortium (GwE)
  • Education Workforce Council (EWC) (to be confirmed)
  • Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) (to be confirmed)
  • Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC)
  • Other relevant examination boards
  • Bangor University/Chester University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University/Cardiff University
  • University Wales Trinity St Davids
  • Abersystwyth University
  • Diocesan Directors of Education Wales (CES) (CiW)
  • Colegau Cymru
  • Wales Audit Office
  • National Academy for Educational Leadership (NAEL) (to be confirmed)
  • Welsh Government – Education Directorate (Director)
  • Welsh Government - Curriculum
  • Welsh Government – Pedagogy, Leadership and Professional Learning
  • Welsh Government – Support for Learners
  • Welsh Government – Schools Effectiveness
  • Welsh Government – Education Business Planning and Governance
  • Welsh Government – Welsh Language


  • Thought Leader – Mick Waters
  • Thought Leader – Graham Donaldson
  • Thought Leader – Sir Alasdair Macdonald