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Estimates for measures of labour productivity data for the sub-Wales regions for 2002 to 2019.

Estimates for Wales(1)

  • GVA per hour worked indexed to the UK for 2019 was 84.1%; the second lowest of the twelve UK countries and English regions.
  • GVA per job (relative to the UK) was 82.3% in Wales. This was the lowest GVA per job of the 12 UK countries and English regions.
  • Estimates published in December 2019 show that GVA per head (relative to the UK) was 72.6%.
  • This was the second lowest GVA per head of the twelve UK countries and English regions.

(1) The Office for National Statistics publish figures for Wales as part of the annual regional and sub-regional productivity in the UK and the quarterly labour productivity, UK release. The Wales figures in these two releases are calculated using the same methodology but are based on different GVA approaches. The Wales figures quoted in this headline are from the sub-regional productivity release to be consistent with the rest of the data used throughout this headline.

Sub-Wales estimates(2)

  • Powys had the lowest GVA per hour worked of all the areas in the UK in 2019 (57.6% of the UK figure) and Conwy and Denbighshire had the fourth lowest (71.0% of the UK figure).
  • Powys also had the lowest GVA per job in the UK in 2019 (at 60.6% of the UK figure).
  • Flintshire and Wrexham had the highest ranked Welsh area for both GVA per hour and GVA per job (at 94.7% and 96.0% of the UK figure respectively).

(2) International Territorial Levels (ITL) is the new UK geographies classification system. This has superseded the Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics (NUTS) classification system. ITL is a geographical classification that divides the UK into regions at three different levels (ITL 1, 2 and 3, respectively, moving from larger to smaller units). The Sub-Wales estimates above refer to ITL3.


As agreed with the Office for Statistics Regulation, these statistics will be updated at 12.30pm on the day of release by ONS.



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