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The aim of this 4 year project is to use administrative data to explore the impact of the Supporting People Programme on the public service use of those who access support.

The Supporting People Data Linking Project (SPDLP) follows on from the Supporting People Data Linking Feasibility Study (SPDLFS). The SPDLP studies the impact of the Supporting People Programme (SPP) in Wales using data linked in the SAIL Databank.

This report summarises the progress with the Supporting People Data linking Project (SPDLP) in year 3 (2018-19).

The project has been split into 9 objectives. During year 3, progress has focussed on 3 of these objectives.

  • Objective 3: Compare analysis methods between the SPDLFS and the main stage SPDLP. This will identify any explanations for observed differences. (This is a new objective)
  • Objective 5: Agree research questions
  • Objective 6: Continue and expand on the previous analytical work

Publishing as HTML

As described in our blog earlier in the year, we are looking to publish more of what we do as HTML rather than as PDF documents. This report has been published as HTML, we would welcome your feedback on the format of the report.


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Rydym yn croesawu galwadau yn Gymraeg / We welcome calls in Welsh.