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Surveys help the Welsh Government to develop policy by identifying issues, shaping the actions we take, and monitoring changes over time.

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First published:
29 March 2018
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It is essential for the Welsh Government to conduct surveys of the public, businesses and other public organisations. There is often no other practical, affordable, and reliable way of gathering this information.

We work to make sure that the burden of completing surveys is not excessive for businesses, organisations or members of the public. As part of this, before surveys go ahead we consider the burden of completing them against the benefits the results will bring; and we make sure that the way the survey is designed and carried out keeps burden to a minimum.

All surveys carried out by (or for) the Welsh Government and some organisations linked to the Welsh Government, such as Welsh Government Sponsored Bodies, should go through the 'Survey advice and approval process'.  

If you are planning a survey and are not sure whether you need survey approval please read the guidance.

If you know that you need survey approval, please download the form, complete it, and send it to

Further information

For information about the role of the Welsh Government’s Survey Advice and Approval service, visit the Monitoring and reducing respondent burden: Government Analysis Function (

For information about surveys conducted by the Welsh Government and for advice about conducting surveys or the survey approval process, please contact