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Swine Vesicular Disease is a contagious viral disease of pigs. It is a notifiable disease.

First published:
20 November 2018
Last updated:

The disease in endemic in parts of Europe. Great Britain has been free of this disease since 1982.

Suspicion and confirmation

Contact your local Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) office immediately on 0300 303 8268 if you suspect SVD.

APHA vets will investigate suspected cases.

Clinical signs

The following clinical signs may be present:

  • a transient fever of up to 41 degrees centigrade
  • vesicles (blisters) developing on the coronary band (where the skin of the leg meets the horn of the foot)
  • vesicles around the nose, tongue and lips
  • lameness
  • loss of appetite

Transmission and prevention

The disease can spread:

  • through contact with infected pigs, their faeces or body fluids
  • through infectious meat products
  • on vehicles, clothing or people

There is no vaccine for swine vesicular disease.