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Joint press statement by Welsh Government, the National Library of Wales and the Tailored Review Panel.

First published:
30 September 2020
Last updated:

The National Library of Wales has undergone an independent tailored review, facilitated by Welsh Government, and with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness and governance. The review panel’s report and recommendations have been published this week.

The review has been welcomed by both Welsh Government and the National Library of Wales.

In response to the review panel’s recommendations, Meri Huws, interim President of the National Library of Wales said:

The National Library welcomes the recommendations of the review. It is a thorough and detailed analysis of the current state of play and of the issues faced by the library and we look forward to working closely with Welsh Government to implement its recommendations and to safeguard the library’s future. I’m glad the review recognises the importance of the National Library to Wales as a treasury for the nation’s recorded heritage and how it could increase the impact of its services to benefit individuals and communities even further.

Aled Eirug, the Chair of the review panel said:

The review panel would like to thank the staff and trustees of the National Library, and Welsh Government officials, for their positive and constructive response during the process of writing this report.

We hope this report will lead to an effective and productive relationship between the National Library and Welsh Government. We have identified the most critical challenges facing the National Library, including making its services more available to a wider audience, and we look forward to both the Welsh Government and National Library implementing our recommendations.

The Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Lord Elis-Thomas, said:

I welcome the independent views of the review panel and look forward to positive and collaborative working as we address its recommendations. This is an important cultural organisation which must have longevity and relevance for the whole of Wales. These findings offer constructive areas of focus for both the library and the Welsh Government - both parties will work together to ensure the library remains robust and fit for purpose in what is clearly a very challenging climate for all our sponsored bodies. 

Read the National Library of Wales: tailored review.