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A summary of the Tax Engagement Group's purpose.

1. Background

  1. The Welsh Government's approach to developing Welsh tax policy is set out in the Tax Policy Framework, including 5 principles - Welsh taxes should:
    • Raise revenue to fund public services as fairly as possible
    • Deliver Welsh Government policy objectives, in particular supporting jobs and growth
    • Be clear, stable and simple
    • Be developed through collaboration and involvement
    • Contribute directly to the Well Being of Future Generations Act goal of creating a more equal Wales
  2. All citizens in Wales have a stake in Welsh taxes, whether as tax payers or as beneficiaries of public services funded through taxation, or both. As the Welsh Government further develops its tax policies, there is a continuing requirement to engage widely, to secure views and advice to help shape future plans, and to assist sectors of Welsh society to understand what the Welsh Government is seeking to achieve. Engagement with communities and businesses, and the organisations who can represent their views and experiences, is fundamental to the Welsh Government's approach.

2. Introduction

  1. The name of the group is the Tax Engagement Group (TEG). It is chaired by, and accountable to, the Minister for Finance and Trefnydd.
  2. The purpose of the group is to complement other arrangements by providing a forum for considering the impacts on communities and businesses in Wales of existing and emerging developments in Welsh tax policy and administration, and for identifying opportunities for increasing understanding of Welsh tax policy.
  3. The membership of the group is intended to embrace a broad range of perspectives, to seek to ensure Welsh tax policy and administration is developed to meet the needs of people and businesses in Wales.

3. Remit

  1. The remit of the Tax Engagement Group is:
    1. To comment on the impacts of existing and emerging tax policy developments on communities and businesses in Wales
    2. To consider the content of the Welsh Government's tax policy work plan
    3. To actively support engagement activity intended to increase levels of awareness, knowledge and understanding of Welsh taxes, tax policy and administration among people and businesses in Wales.

4. Membership

  1. The members of the Tax Engagement Group are:


    • Minister for Finance and Trefnydd

    Representatives of:

    • Bevan Foundation
    • CBI Wales
    • Chartered Institute of Taxation
    • Federation of Small Businesses
    • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
    • Institute of Directors
    • Law Society
    • Wales Council for Voluntary Action
    • Welsh Local Government Association

    Officials attending

    • Anna Adams - Deputy Director, Tax Strategy, Policy and Engagement
    • Dyfed Alsop - Chief Executive, Welsh Revenue Authority
    • Debra Carter - Deputy Director, Local Government Strategic Finance
    • Andrew Jeffreys - Director, Welsh Treasury

5. Working arrangements

  1. The group is accountable and reports to the Minister for Finance and Trefnydd. The group will convene in 'meeting format' no more than twice per calendar year, with the members also being invited to the Welsh Government's annual tax conference, and other engagement events as appropriate.
  2. It is expected that all members will attend all meetings. If a member is unable to attend, a deputy may attend in their place providing reasonable notice has been given to the Secretariat.