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It is recognised that the taxi trade, both hackney carriage and private hire, play an important role in portraying a positive image of the area.

To ensure that the hackney carriage and private hire trade portrays a professional image and to ensure that driving is carried out safely the following dress code applies:

  1. All clothing must be clean, in good conditions and free from damage
  2. Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than knee length
  3. Footwear must fit around the heel of the foot
  4. Hoods should not be worn over the head whilst driving

Examples of acceptable clothing include: 

  • Trousers/smart jeans
  • Shirt
  • Smart t-shirt
  • Smart shorts
  • Polo shirts
  • Jumpers

Unacceptable standards of dress include:

  • Clothing bearing slogans or graphics that are of an offensive/suggestive nature
  • Clothing that is dirty, smelly, faded or damaged
  • Footwear such as flip flops or sliders that do not have heel straps
  • Pronounced heels
  • Baseball caps or other headwear that obscures the face
  • Clothing that leaves the shoulders and top of the arms uncovered such as vest tops
  • Clothing that does not cover the chest, stomach/midriff such as low cut tops or crop tops.

The above lists are not exhaustive, and there may be other standards of dress that are deemed not acceptable by authorised officers of the licensing authority. Failure to comply with the dress code may result in a written warning. Persistent failures to comply on more than two occasions within 12 months) may result in a referral to the licensing committee for determination of any additional action.