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Membership details of the Technical Advisory Cell (TAC) and Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

Both TAC and TAG are co-chaired by Dr Orford, Chief Scientific Advisor for Health, and Fliss Bennee, HSS Deputy Director for Technology and Digital.

Membership is drawn from Welsh Government, NHS Wales and academia. A range of experts from different disciplines are included covering public health, health protection, medicine, epidemiology, modelling, technology, data science, statistics, environment, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, genomics, behavioural insights, risk communication, physical sciences and research.

Listed below are the names and positions of participants and Welsh Government officials who attend TAG to provide expert input. Officials from Welsh Government who regularly attend but do not act in this capacity have not been named.

Membership of TAG is kept under review as the need for expert advice is identified.

Name Position and organisation

Fliss Bennée

Deputy Director, Technology and Digital Data, Welsh Government

Dr Rob Orford

Chief Scientific Advisor for Health, Welsh Government

Dr Frank Atherton

Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Welsh Government

Dr Brendan Collins

TAC Head of Health Economics, Welsh Government

Dr Tom Connor

Pathogen Genomics, Public Health Wales

Dr Simon Cottrell

Principal Epidemiologist (Respiratory infection and vaccine preventable disease), Public Health Wales

Dr Eleri Davies

Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Public Health Wales

Dr John Day

Chair of the Welsh Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr Andrew Fry

Director, Wales Gene Park

Prof Christianne Glossop

Chief Veterinary Officer, Welsh Government

Prof Mike Gravenor

BioMedical Sciences, Institute of Life Science

Prof Peter Halligan

Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales, Welsh Government

Stephanie Howarth

Chief Statistician, HSS, Welsh Government

Dr Robin Howe

Consultant Microbiologist, Public Health Wales

Prof Ann John

Professor in Public Health and Psychiatry, Swansea University

Prof Stephen Jolles

Consultant Clinical Immunologist, University Hospital Wales

Prof Davey Jones

Professor of Soil & Environmental Science, Bangor University

Dr Rachel Jones

Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Public Health Wales

Marion Lyons

Senior Medical Officer, Population Health, Welsh Government

Prof Ronan Lyons

Co-Director, SAIL Databank, Swansea University

Dr Catherine Moore

Microbiology Clinical Scientist, Public Health Wales

 John Morris

Head of Data Science Unit, Welsh Government

Dr Huw Morris

Group Director (Skills, Higher Education and Life-long learning), Welsh Government

Dr Heather Payne

Child Health Senior Medical Officer, Welsh Government

Jonathan Price

Chief Economist, Welsh Government

Dr Martin Rolles

Vice-Chair of  the Welsh Scientific Advisory Committee

Andrew Sallows

HSS Delivery Programme Director, Welsh Government

Prof Julian Sampson

Division of Cancer and Genetics, Cardiff University

Dr Giri Shankar

Professional Lead for Health Protection, Public Health Wales

Craiger Solomons

Lead analyst, Primary Care & Health Science Directorate, Welsh Government

Prof Kieran Walshe

Director of Health and Care Research Wales, Welsh Government

Prof Andrew Weightman

Head of Organisms and Environment Division, Cardiff University

Dr Christopher Williams

Consultant Epidemiologist, Public Health Wales