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If while receiving the Childcare Offer you do not respond when requested to confirm your continuing eligibility, or you become ineligible, you will enter a temporary exemption period for up to 8 weeks.

First published:
18 April 2023
Last updated:

When you enter a temporary exemption period you will be told the date funding will end:

  • you will be sent an email
  • your Childcare Offer account dashboard will display a notification

You will continue to receive funding during a temporary exemption period. This gives you time to resubmit evidence of your eligibility or provide new evidence if required. For example, evidence of starting a new job. If you do not provide evidence your funding will stop when the exemption period ends.

A temporary exemption period may be backdated up to 4 weeks. For example, if you were made redundant but did not notify us for 6 weeks your exemption period is backdated 4 weeks and you have 4 weeks remaining.

If your funding ends you may need to pay your childcare setting yourself.

Your childcare setting is told your agreement is ending 4 weeks before funding ends. This notification does not replace any notice period you are responsible for under your contract with the setting. Check your contract to confirm whether your setting requires notice to end your agreement with them.