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You must agree to these conditions to use Planning Applications Wales.

First published:
25 May 2018
Last updated:

The “Planning Applications Wales” service is provided by PortalPlanQuest Ltd, on behalf of the Welsh Ministers.

Collection of information

The service asks for information necessary for the submission, validation and processing of planning applications (and associated consents). Certain information is mandatory in order for the Local Planning Authority to be able process your application, such as the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of the person making the application, and/or the agent acting on their behalf. Anonymous applications cannot be submitted.

You should not include any statements containing personal or sensitive information in the body of your application or in any attachments, as the Local Planning Authority is subject to a duty under planning law to give publicity to planning applications, which includes placing them on a public register.

When submitting an application you will be required to make a declaration that all information contained within is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. A false declaration could invalidate any application submitted, and consequently any consent granted.

All personal data collected through your voluntary use of the “Planning Applications Wales” service is used for the purpose of transmitting necessary information to the Local Planning Authority responsible for determining the relevant application (or associated consent). Upon transmission to the Local Planning Authority, the Local Planning Authority will become the data processor and controller for the submitted application information, and will be subject to its own duties in this regard.

Data retention

Copies of your draft and submitted applications, and all information contained within, will be retained and archived by the contractor, for ease of your resubmission in the event of an error, or in case you choose to submit an application for a similar scheme at some stage in the future. These will normally be disposed of after 4 years.

At the end of the current “Planning Applications Wales” contract, any data still held by the contractor (including draft or archived applications) will either be provided to the contractor providing any successor service, or destroyed.

Apart from the exceptions above, the Welsh Government’s standard Terms and Conditions of service apply.