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A summary of the purpose of the Bovine TB Technical Advisory Group for Wales.


The Bovine TB Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has been established to support the TB Eradication Programme and provide independent expert advice to the TB Eradication Programme Board, the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) and the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs.


The Group provides holistic advice on the wide spectrum of TB science and technical issues both in response to requests from policy makers, CVO and the Cabinet Secretary and identifies areas for consideration that may help accelerate TB eradication in Wales.

The Group does not have the autonomy to make decisions on funding allocation or Service Level Agreements with delivery bodies/agencies, or approve contingency plans or Ministerial submissions. Members will serve in an individual capacity and not represent any organisations. Members will not be entitled to nominate alternates to attend in their absence.

The group’s responsibilities include:

  • to provide advice to the Programme Board, policy makers, CVO and the Cabinet Secretary
  • to consider issues required to meet the strategic outcomes within the Wales TB Eradication Plan and its attendant Delivery Plan
  • to review and constructively challenge progress on the TB eradication programme against milestone targets 
  • to provide independent advice to support the development of new and emerging policy decisions
  • to liaise with a range of sectoral experts to gather evidence to inform advice, as required


The Group is made up of publicly appointed members and the Chair. 

The CVO will work closely with the Group to provide expertise and a government perspective. Whilst the Group will consider the views of the CVO, they will retain ownership of any advice given and will not need to secure the CVO’s agreement or align any advice or reports to the CVO’s views. 

Members will hold office subject to compliance with the Public Standards Committee’s seven Principles of Public Life.

The Chair, with advice taken from the Group, may seek to access wider expertise dependent on need.

The Group may identify a requirement for subgroups to support its work and submit a proposal via the Secretariat. The remits of such subgroups will be agreed by the Chair and Group. Individual Group members will be tasked with leading or co-ordinating these groups. 


As members of the Technical Advisory Group, you acknowledge the responsibilities arising from an undertaking of confidentiality as per the agreement signed on acceptance of a position on the Group. Members will respect the boundaries of confidentiality at all times.  Meetings are held under a strict and shared understanding, relating to all discussions and deliberations, and any papers or documents disclosed are considered “CONFIDENTIAL” and are not to be discussed or disclosed outside of the meeting or Group without consent.


The Secretariat for the Group is provided by the Welsh Government’s Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer.


The Group does not have a delegated budget, but the Group may approach the Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer for funding for a specific piece of work. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Chief Veterinary Officer.   


The Group should review and agree these Terms of Reference at its first meeting, and annually at the first meeting in the calendar year, or when required.


Minutes arising from the Group meetings will normally be published in English and Welsh by the Welsh Government on its website in accordance with legislation governing public access to information.

Welsh language

Work undertaken by the Group will comply with the Welsh Government’s Welsh Language Standards. Further information regarding the Welsh Government’s commitment towards the Welsh language and its vision of a bilingual nation:


When a member’s period of appointment comes to an end the Cabinet Secretary will decide whether to re-appoint that member for a further period or to conduct a public appointment process to identify a replacement.