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The Third Sector Partnership Council helps us work with voluntary organisations to develop better policies and services.


TPSC  is chaired by the Minister responsible for the Third Sector Scheme and is made up of  representatives of third sector networks working across 25 areas of third sector activity along with the Chief Executive Officer of Wales Council Voluntary Action.

The Third Sector Partnership Council will:

  • consider issues that relate to the strategic objectives and functions of the Welsh Government and which engage the interests of the Third Sector, and make recommendations to the Welsh Government
  • agree, monitor and review the Framework for Engagement
  • advise on the implementation, monitoring and review of the Third Sector Scheme including establishing indicators by which the Scheme shall be evaluated;
  • facilitate consultation with relevant Third Sector organisations and Public Sector bodies on the Scheme‚Äôs implementation, operation and review;
  • assist in arrangements for reviewing the Scheme from time to time.


This partnership approach means that the Third Sector:

  • will contribute at a formative stage in informing the development of policy and programmes across the Welsh Government and has its proposals assessed against the same criteria as the public sector; 
  • contributes its views on the procedures for the administration of resources and priorities for the distribution of resources for the Third Sector; 
  • has access to its own information, training, and capacity building services and resources; and 
  • has opportunities to lead in those areas where it is best placed to do so.

Wales rightly has an international reputation as a country where access to policy makers and Ministers is such that it promotes good governance. The Third Sector meets with each Welsh Government Cabinet Minister to discuss issues relevant to their portfolio in addition to the Third Sector Partnership Council, which meets twice a year to discuss cross-Cabinet issues.