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This meeting will now only take place via a Microsoft TEAMS link. If you have Microsoft TEAMS on your computer please click on the link ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ below at the appropriate time. If you don’t have Microsoft TEAMS this can be downloaded and installed for FREE.

10:00 Item 1: Welcome and Introductions (Steph Howarth, Welsh Government)

10:10 Item 2: Minutes and actions (Steph Howarth,Welsh Government)

10:20 Item 3: Welsh Government updates: Quarterly statistics and Demography newsletters (Steph Howarth, Welsh Government)

10:40 Item 4: Review of National Indicators (Andy O’Rourke, Welsh Government)

11:10 Item 5: Llamau Data deep dive (Sam Austin, Llamau)

11:40 Item 6: 2021 Census update: Census output and dissemination plans (Neil Townsend, Helena Rosiecka, Ellen Burgess, Office for National Statistics)

12:20 Item 7: Any other business (Steph Howarth, Welsh Government)

12:20 Item 8: Close