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Raising awareness of gender stereotypes and inequality - #ThisIsMe

People across Wales should not be afraid to do the things they want to do because of their gender

Some people still think that men and women should behave in certain ways, this is called gender stereotyping. Gender stereotyping puts pressure on people to conform to what may be expected of them.

Gender should not affect your occupation.

You have your own unique set of skills and this should determine your career. It is important for you to be comfortable in the career you choose, even if this challenges gender stereotypes.

Gender should not affect the way you choose to look.

Everyone should be free to express themselves how they wish. No one should be pressured by society to look a certain way.

Children should not have to worry about gender stereotypes.

Children learn from our examples, and also from each other. They should see that men and women make equally good parents and that a toy is just for having fun regardless of what it is.

There shouldn't be expectations about how men and women behave.

Women are more likely to experience domestic abuse and sexual violence based on the gender norms in our society. This means men may be expected to be tough, aggressive, authoritative and in control. While women may be expected to be emotional, caring, sensitive and timid.

In intimate relationships, masculine behaviours can, in their extreme form, become emotionally controlling, abusive and violent. This can cause feminine behaviour traits, such as being more quiet and timid, to become more present.

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What you can do to help reduce gender stereotyping

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