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It was about two years ago when I made the first move to sort my life out.

It was about two years ago when I made the first move to sort my life out.  I was given the phone number by a close friend who had sought help from Stepping Stones*. It took me a month to make that first call, once I had made contact there was no going back.

I went for my introduction interview and then waited to be appointed a counsellor.  I was asked if I would mind if my counsellor was male, I did at first and I had to think about it but then I though it may be an opportunity to gain back trust in men.

After my first very scary session, I knew he was the right counsellor for me and a wonderful person.  Every week for just over a year, I would turn up and have my hour of counselling.  You don’t need to know my problems as they are no longer problems.  The advice and support counselling gave me were so valuable and came through all the fog and dullness of my life.

I realised it was only myself I was running from in all of the situations that I had left, I am now settled, confident and have a completely different approach to life and my family.  I just wish I had looked for support sooner, life is amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing, this is my time.

Name has been changed

* Stepping Stones is a registered charity providing therapeutic services across North Wales to adults who have been sexually abused as children.


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