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A summary of the Trade Policy Advisory Group's purpose.

Role and purpose

The Trade Policy Advisory Group will provide expert advice to the Minister for Economy and senior Welsh Government officials on trade policy matters and help shape the Welsh Government position. Other than to note issues raised in discussion, the group will not cover operational issues, for example matters relating to export support. The group will have an advisory rather than a decision-making role.


The group will be made up of between 10 to 15 individuals able to provide views from across business communities, civil society and trade unions from across Wales. The panel will have a core membership with additional members co-opted to attend as needed depending on the matters under discussion.

Members will be recruited by the approach agreed by the Minister for Economy.

The Minister for Economy will chair the group at least once per annum, with the Head of Trade Policy chairing the group at all other times.

The Chair may invite additional members with specific expertise to join the group from time to time to supplement the group’s expertise. Similarly, the Chair may establish sub-groups drawn from group members to explore particular issues in more detail.

Members will be required to attend meetings regularly, contribute actively to discussions, be involved in preparatory work ahead of meetings, and examine and provide comments on documents under discussion.

Members will be unpaid but will be reimbursed for reasonable travel and subsistence costs in line with current Welsh Government policy.

Membership will be reviewed periodically.

Cycle of meetings

The group will meet as required, but it is anticipated that it will meet at least 3 times a year.  

Officials from the Trade Policy division will provide secretariat functions for the group.

The Welsh Government may choose to disband the group at any time.


The secretariat will prepare a summary of discussions at each meeting and once agreed, it will be published on the Trade Policy pages of the Welsh Government website.