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The Subsidy Control Act 2022 imposes transparency obligations on public authorities awarding subsidies.

First published:
17 January 2023
Last updated:

Which transparency obligations apply?

The transparency obligations are designed to promote accountability and ensure openness. They are stricter than those under previous subsidy control regimes or the EU State aid regime.

In the majority of cases, public authorities must publish details of subsidies awarded or subsidy schemes made to the UK’s subsidy database.

Search the UK subsidy database at GOV.UK.

Which subsidies do I need to publish?

A public authority must publish:

  • All standalone subsidies, regardless of value
  • All subsidy schemes
  • All awards made under a subsidy scheme of over £100,000
  • All Minimal Financial Assistance or SPEI Assistance subsidies of over £100,000

When do I need to upload the information?

Public authorities must publish subsidies and schemes on the UK subsidy database. They must do this within 3 months of the public authority’s confirmation of its decision to give the subsidy or make the subsidy scheme. For subsidy awards in the form of tax measures, details must be added to the UK subsidy database within one year of the date of the tax declaration.

How do I upload the transparency information?

The Welsh Government’s Subsidy Control Unit manages the transparency reporting of subsidies awarded by the Welsh Government and other Welsh public authorities. Welsh public authorities can submit the required information for transparency database using the following links:

Please contact the team if you have any queries about transparency obligations on