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Outlines how we plan to achieve and maintain Good Environment Status (GES) in our seas.

First published:
10 May 2019
Last updated:

This is a requirement of the Marine Strategy Regulations 2010. It is derived from the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Key aims

The key aims of the strategy are:

  • protecting the marine environment
  • preventing its decline
  • restoring it where practical
  • using marine resources sustainably.

The publication of the strategy is the result of:

  • regional working with all four UK Administrations and technical experts
  • using the Oslo Paris Convention (OSPAR) strategic network to support decisions and implementation

The strategy is divided into three stages and we will review it on a six yearly basis. 

Marine Strategy part one: assessment of GES

We published the updated UK Marine Strategy part one in 2019. 

This strategy provides an updated assessment of our seas. It sets objectives, targets and indicators for achieving GES over six years.

Marine Strategy part two: monitoring programmes

We have now published the updated UK Marine Strategy part two.

This part of the strategy sets out the monitoring programmes. We will use these to assess our progress towards achieving GES.

Marine Strategy part three: programme of measures

The four UK Administrations produced a programme of measures. It went to consultation, and was published in 2015. It contains Welsh specific elements for delivery within the six year cycle. It will be reviewed in 2021.

Next steps

We are currently updating the UK Marine Strategy part three. We will make an announcement on a public consultation date soon.