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This consultation ended 26 February 2021.

Consultation period:
4 December 2020 to 26 February 2021
Last updated:

Summary of outcome

The summary of responses is now available at

Original consultation

We want your views on the revised ‘National Action Plan (NAP) for the Sustainable use of Pesticides’.

Consultation description

Defra, the Welsh Government, the Scottish Government and the Northern Ireland Assembly are consulting on a revised plan for the sustainable use of pesticides.

The aim of the revised NAP is to minimise the risks and impacts of pesticides to human health and the environment. At the same time it aims to ensure pests and pesticide resistance are managed effectively.

The proposed plan supports: 

  • regulation to protect our health and environment
  • the development and uptake of integrated pest management
  • safe and sustainable use of pesticides
  • reduction of risks associated with pesticides by improving metrics and indicators.

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