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Terms of Reference for the Unadopted Roads Taskforce


To deliver outputs identified in the March 2019 report to Minister for Economy and Transport for identifying extent of existing issues, and implementing measures to avoid issues being repeated in the future.


  • to develop further and finalise the draft ‘good practice guide’ for use by local authorities and housing developers for new housing estate roads
  • to disseminate and encourage adoption of ‘good practice guide’ by all local authorities and housing developers and any other stakeholders (including national park authorities)
  • to monitor and evaluate the usage and effectiveness of the ‘good practice guide’
  • to develop a set of ‘common standards’ for new housing estate roads for use by local authorities, national park authorities and housing developers
  • to similarly roll out and disseminate suite of ‘common standards’
  • to work with GIS / mapping provider alongside local authorities to develop comprehensive database of unadopted roads across Wales
  • to determine the extent and cost of remediation of ‘legacy’ issues predicated on development of database
  • to determine options for identifying resources to enable a start to be made on remedying priority legacy issues

Membership and Secretariat

The Taskforce will maintain flexibility to allow membership to vary from meeting to meeting depending on the issue / or issues under discussion. However, at a minimum, membership will include:

  • Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) officers
  • Welsh Government officials
  • Home builders federations
  • Federation of Master Builders
  • local authority representatives from Highways and Planning Departments (and County Surveyors' Society (CSS) Wales and Planning Officers Society for Wales (POSW) as is appropriate)

The Secretariat function will be provided by the Welsh Local Government Association.