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Point to note

If you are using this scheme to provide awards of subsidy, you must inform the Subsidy Control Unit – email:

1. Region


2. Title of subsidy scheme

Violence Against Women Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV)

3. UK legal basis

Violence against Women Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) ACT 2015

4. Objectives of the scheme

All Wales funding for local authorities via VAWDASV Regions; and specialists services to deliver the VAWDASV strategy 2022.

5. Public authority(ies) authorised to implement the scheme

Welsh Government

6. Category(ies) of eligible enterprise

  • VAWDASV Specialist Service
  • VAWDASV Regions

7. Sector(s) to be supported

Other service activities.

8. Duration of the scheme

365 days from 01 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

9. Budget for aid under the scheme


10. Form of support

All subsidy awarded under the scheme will be awarded by way of grants.

11. Eligibility terms and conditions

Implementing the VAWDASV Strategy 2022 and supporting victims and survivors of VAWDASV.

12. Basis for calculating subsidies

Calculations for regional allocations are made using the Barnett formula for the regions. Third sector allocations are to meet gaps in service provisions.

13. Maximum subsidy allowable under the scheme


14. Contact information

Subsidy Control Unit

Welsh Government
Cathays Park
Cardiff CF10 3NQ
United Kingdom

Telephone: + 44 (0)3000 604 400

Rydym yn croesawu galwadau a gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome calls and correspondence in Welsh.