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Key messages and actions

Meeting number: 15

Start time: 10am

End time: 11.45am.


Peter Davies (Chair) (PD Partnership),
Phil Hollington (Cragen Llyn a Mon), Jess Hooper (Marine Energy Wales), Jetske Germing and Steve Hall (Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum), John Wrottesley (European Subsea Cables Association) Gill Bell (Marine Conservation Society & Wales Environment Link), Rachel Sharp (Wildlife Trust Wales), Nicola Gandy (Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority), Emma McKinley (Cardiff University), Kirsty Lindenbaum (Natural Resources Wales), Katie Harvard-Smith (Severn Estuary Partnership), Emily Williams (RSPB), Phil Horton (Royal Yachting Association), John O’Connor (Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers), Jennifer Godwin (Seabed User and Developer Group), Michael Parry (Pwllheli Partnership), Jonathan Monk (Milford Haven Port Authority), Kate Hamilton, Sam Fanshawe (Blue Marine Foundation), Ed Salter (The Crown Estate), Jon Parker (Aquaculture in Wales), Clare Trotman (Marine Conservation Society & Wales Environment Link)
Mike Dowell, Chris Jenkins, Caryn Le Roux, Carla Owen, Louise Durns (Welsh Government)


Mike Dowell (Deputy Director WG)
Kate Hamilton (FFCC)
Caryn Le Roux (WG)


Jim Evans - Welsh Fishermen’s Association
Mark Russell – British Marine Aggregates Association
David Tudor – Blue Marine Foundation
Mark Simmonds – British Ports Association
Rhian Jardine – NRW
Jonathan Hughes – National Trust
Joe Smithyman – Crown Estate
Fergus O’Brian – Dwr Cymru


1. Welcome and introduction
2. Marine and fisheries deputy directors’ update
3. Stakeholder groups report back (Paper)
4. National Nature Service
5. Marine Evidence Strategy annual report
6. Blue Recovery Proposal
7. AOB
8. Close


Wales Marine Action and Advisory group (WMAAG) provides a forum for discussion and debate, and the provision of support and advice to the Welsh Government, on strategic marine and coastal policy. It is the overarching stakeholder group for the work of the Marine and Fisheries Division of the Welsh Government, sitting alongside the Welsh Marine Fisheries Action Group (WMFAG), the lead Welsh Government fisheries industry forum in Wales.

The WMAAG is comprised of 36 stakeholder leads who represent the interests of all sectors with an interest or investment in the Marine environment in Wales. Details of sectors and lead organisations can be found within the group’s Terms of Reference.

Key Messages and Outputs

Item 1: Welcome and Introduction

Key messages

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and outlined the agenda for the morning.

A discussion was held about the timeliness of the papers being issued, it was agreed for papers to be circulated at least 1 week before the meeting.

Actions: for secretariat.

Item 2: Marine & Fisheries Deputy Directors’ update

Key messages

Programme for Government

Mike Dowell provided an update on the new Programme for Government following the election.

Divisional arrangements

Mike Dowell explained that the Marine section of the division is now reporting to Julie James as Minister and Lee Waters as Deputy Minister but we are still working as one Marine and Fisheries Division. Johnathan Monk requested an organogram to show these workings.

Actions: LD to circulate organogram.

Item 3: Stakeholder Groups report back (Paper)

More detail to be included on the leads of each stakeholder group was requested.

It was proposed that the Menai Straits Mussel groups are included within the Fisheries stakeholder groups if not already.

Actions: Future reports to include lead contact for each group.

Item 4: National Nature Service

National Nature Service

The link to information was provided in the chat section, any comments or suggestions contact Kate Hamilton directly at

Actions: Link to National Nature Service:
Cymraeg -
English -

Item 5: Marine Evidence Strategy Annual Report

The Marine Evidence Strategy runs to 2025 and WG are committed to producing annual progress reports. As this will be the first one, a paper outlining the 2021 report contents was tabled for comments.

Work is also underway on planning the next Marine Evidence conference for February 2022.

Actions: All – please send any comments on Annual Report paper of Marine Evidence Strategy to Carla Owen by 30 July.

Item 6: Blue Recovery Proposal

Blue Recovery paper

As the Minister wants to hear about things related to Marine it was suggested to get the proposal to her ASAP.

There needs to be a focus on Marine Resilient Ecosystems, it was suggested to include a paragraph on this to give a political catch.

Comments on the final version to be sent to Peter Davies, Peter is looking to submit to the Minister by Friday 9th July.

Actions: All – comments on final version of proposal to be sent to Peter Davies.

Item 7: AOB

COP Cymru

Survey open for stakeholder comments, closing on 9 July.

Review of marine activities on the Menai Strait

Phil Hollington notified the group of the consultation on ‘Activity in the Menai Straits’ and asked people to complete, Phil will circulate the link.

Actions: Link circulated:

Next meeting

Hilary Evans will circulate diary marker for the next meeting.