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The Wales Procurement Policy Statement (WPPS) launched in March 2021, and sets out the strategic vision for public sector procurement in Wales.

First published:
5 September 2022
Last updated:

To support Welsh contracting authorities (WCA), Welsh Government has worked with stakeholders to develop additional key information which will steer the Welsh public sector in how they can apply the ten principles in procuring well-being for Wales.

Each of the principles have been expanded to include:

  • Definition: sets out an explicit description of the principle.
  • Potential considerations for contracting authorities: sets out key questions / factors that WCAs should take into account when undertaking procurement functions.
  • Intended outcomes: sets out the specific outcomes that the principle seeks to achieve.

We have updated the WPPS to include additional key information. To view the new version, visit our website.

We would like to thank stakeholders from across the Welsh public sector for their contribution, including local authorities, NHS, fire and rescue authorities and Natural Resources Wales. 

If you have any queries, please e-mail: