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How we are welcoming those displaced by the war with accommodation and support.

First published:
7 April 2022
Last updated:

Super sponsor scheme temporarily paused

From 10 June 2022, the Super Sponsor Scheme has been temporarily paused for new applications.

This will allow time for arrangements to be made for the next stage of accommodation. Wider wraparound services will continue.

All applications made before 10 June 2022 will be processed. Existing visa holders can travel and will be supported as originally planned.

Read the written statement for further details.

Warm welcome in Wales as super sponsor

The Welsh Government is a Homes for Ukraine super sponsor. This means we will sponsor up to 1,000 people from Ukraine to offer refuge and sanctuary. 

We will provide them with accommodation, support and care in Wales. It also removes the need for applicants to be matched to a named person before they are cleared to travel to the UK through the visa system.

Welcome centres are being set up around Wales to accommodate people when they arrive. They will then go on to medium and longer-term accommodation.

Support services such as health services and counselling will be available to people when they arrive.

We are working closely with local authorities, public services in Wales and voluntary organisations to welcome and to support people arriving via the Homes for Ukraine scheme.