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The Wales Tree Health Steering Group advises on pests and diseases affecting trees.

The purpose of the group is to advise and support us with:

  • setting out our policies
  • developing strategic response to outbreaks of pests and diseases affecting trees
  • considering the potential impact on plants in the wider environment
  • finding ways of building resilience against pests and diseases in trees and woodlands (both public and private) in the short, medium and long-term
  • linking with other European Union and Great British groups to review the threat presented by new and emerging tree and tree related plant pests and diseases so we can co-ordinate the development of response plans
  • considering the resource implications of pests and diseases
  • considering the cost and delivery of control strategies

The group is chaired by the Deputy Director, Land, Nature and Forestry Division, Welsh Government and reports to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs.