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Julian Bray, Domestic Fisheries Policy and Management, Welsh Government - Chair
Kevin Denman, Fisher & Southwest Wales Fishing Communities
Jim Evans, Welsh Fisherman’s Association
Natalie Hold, Sustainable Fisheries Wales, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University
Charlotte Colvin, Sustainable Fisheries Wales, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University
Mark Merrick, AM Seafoods – Buyer/Processor
Harry Owen, Southwestern Fish Producer Organisation
Michelle Billing, Fisheries Policy Manager, Welsh Government.

Welcome and apologies

Chair welcomed all to the meeting, and introductions were made.

Apologies were received from:

Carl Davies, Fisher
Kevin Moore, Fisher
Tim Bowman Davies, Fisher
Stuart Jones, Fisher
Colin Charman, Natural Resources Wales
Chloe North, South Western Fish Producer Organisation.

Overview of 23/24 Permit Period

Michelle Billing gave an overview of the current permit period.

Whelk Stock Status Assessment 2022

Natalie Hold gave a presentation of the Whelk Stock Status Assessment.  The report can be found at: Reports | Sustainable Fisheries Wales | Bangor University.


Next meeting will be in early November,

In preparation for permit period 2024/25 the group will review:

  • summary scientific stock report
  • proposed Annual Catch Limit (ACL)
  • proposed initial Monthly Catch Limit (MCL)
  • proposed permit condition changes
  • proposed permit fee

The chair then drew the meeting to a close.