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How new building techniques are helping stimulate interest in our workforce of the future.

First published:
8 March 2023
Last updated:
South Point Primary School

South Point Primary School, formerly Llancarfan Primary, is the first net zero carbon school in Wales. South Point Primary School is a flagship project as part of the Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme, acting as a pilot scheme for the Welsh Government, demonstrating how the Low Carbon Delivery Plan and Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 can sustainably shape and enhance the built environment.

To maximise end-user comfort and ensure there is a seamless transfer of knowledge throughout the lifecycle of South Point Primary School, the ISG Construction project team developed a teaching resource in the form of a QR code trail. Ten QR codes explained Climate Change including the causes, the effects and why we need to do something to combat these issues. The other 13 QR codes explained Net Zero Carbon, the functionality of South Point Primary and how aesthetically, it looks like a ‘normal’ school, but is the first net zero carbon school in operation in Wales.

The net zero carbon school is a great way to engage children in gaining an understanding of climate change with the hope to inspire them to access net zero opportunities to meet the needs of our future workforce. Children also learn to understand how their own actions can have an impact on climate change, learning valuable life skills that they can take home to their families, friends and communities.