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How to add new users to WEFO Online.

First published:
14 January 2021
Last updated:

How Administrators can add new users within your organisation on WEFO Online.

You will only be able to add new users if your account has Administrator permissions. You will be given Administrator permissions if you are the person that registers your organisation on WEFO Online.

Go to sign in to WEFO Online:

  • select Sign in
  • enter your Government Gateway user ID and Password and select Sign in
  • if you have set up more than one access code, select Text message, Voice call or Authenticator app for smartphone or tablet, then select Continue
  • enter the Access code shown on the Authenticator app, Text message or Voice call and select Continue
  • select your Business Party Name
  • select Group management
  • select Add a team member
  • enter Full name and Email address for the new team member, select either Administrator or Standard user and select Continue
  • select Confirm to add this team member
  • team member added, select Continue

What happens next?

WEFO Online will send an email to the Administrator that set up the new user with a temporary password for the new team member.

The Administrator will need to give the new user their temporary password so they can use it with their Government Gateway user ID to sign-in. The new user will receive a user ID by email.

The new user can now sign in to WEFO Online, view the WEFO Online: How to sign in Guidance for further information.