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10:00 Item 1: Welcome, introductions and apologies (Jonathan, Welsh Government)

10:05 Item 2: Welsh Government update on Labour market and Qualifications Statistics (Alex Fitzpatrick and Jon Ackland, Welsh Government): 

  • Overview of current publications and products
  • Planned developments

10:15 Item 3: Welsh Government update on recent and upcoming 2021 census outputs relevant to labour market and qualifications (Alex Fitzpatrick and Jon Ackland, Welsh Government)

10:25 Item 4: Job Quality statistics (Adrian Baeck, Office for National Statistics)

10:45 Item 5: How has health and labour force participation been impacted by the pandemic? (Dr Brendan Collins, Welsh Government)

11:05 Comfort break

11:15 Item 6:  Chwarae Teg State of Nation report employment analysis (Hade Turkmen, Chwarae Teg)

11:35 Item 7: Update on Labour Force Survey transformation (James Harris, Office for National Statistics)

11:55 Item 8: Any other business

12:00 Close