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A summary of the group's purpose.

The purpose of the group is to engage with and advise Welsh Government analysts on their strategic priorities and work plan for economic statistics in Wales. It forms part of the Welsh Government’s user engagement plan for economic statistics and provide an external perspective on statistics published under the Code of Practice for Statistics.

The group will:

  • advise Welsh Government on the key uses and requirements for economic statistical information in Wales
  • provide its view on proposed strategic statistical plans, advising on the prioritisation of existing and developmental work in light of Government priorities
  • identify gaps in the provision of Welsh economic statistics and advise on ways to address these gaps, whilst also being mindful of resource implications and burden on data suppliers
  • identify areas for collaboration across organisations, and avoid duplication
  • provide feedback, and advise on ways to improve the dissemination of Welsh economic statistics
  • raise awareness and promote the effective use of Welsh economic statistics (published by Welsh Government and other organisations) within the wider user community
  • co-operate to facilitate access to economic data sources

The group will primarily focus on economic statistics (economy, business, labour market, trade, and transport), but will also consider social research and economic evidence when closely related to the statistics.