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A summary of the committee's purpose and how it will work.

The committee’s main purpose will be to scrutinise the work of the National Entity for Welsh for Adults “Y Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg Genedlaethol” on behalf of the Welsh Government and advise on matters such as value for money and how “Y Ganolfan” is responding to Welsh Government policies.

The Scrutiny Committee will be required to consider the following questions:

  • Are “Y Ganolfan’s” governance, structure and systems appropriate and ensure value for money?
  • Are “Y Ganolfan’s” priorities and direction based on evidence in line with the Review Group’s report and recommendations?
  • Does “Y Ganolfan” take appropriate steps to ensure the provision of Welsh for Adults is of appropriate quality and number of learners?
  • Does “Y Ganolfan” meet the agreed targets as part of the grant agreement?

It is anticipated that the Scrutiny Committee will achieve its work through the following processes:

  • Considering monitoring reports on the work’s progress along with the risk register
  • Discussions with Y Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg Genedlaethol
  • Discussions with the Welsh Government
  • Discussions with providers
  • Requests for information from Y Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg Genedlaethol.
  • Suggest advice on the direction of work and suggest changes
  • Give advice on any other matters that arise
  • Attend at least 2 meetings annually.