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Sheree and Meleri talk about the benefits of a Welsh Government apprenticeship.

Transcript of video


I'm currently a user experience architect, and I've been here for just over two years, and previously I worked in car insurance for 10 years, but I really wanted to try something new. So, for me, you know, changing my career as a working mum, at first it was daunting.

However, since joining, I'm so glad I made the choice.

I mean, the support I've had since joining has been incredible. I knew very little about digital and I was quite worried about that. But I did really want to learn and know more about digital and get new experiences. And that's exactly what I've done.

Completed my apprenticeship and being part-time. I mean, I'd done that really quickly I suppose, and I felt really confident in doing it because of the information and the guidance that I had from it.

And since, I’ve recently been promoted and I'm now completing my Level 4 apprenticeship as well and actually completing an HNC in computing via college as well.

So I mean, it's been a lot to fit into, you know, two and a bit years, but I'm so glad I did make that change and you know, it's paid off.


I'm the workforce and skills manager in Welsh Government and I, in particular, look after the digital data and technology apprentices, make sure that they get the experience that we want throughout the apprenticeship in Welsh Government.

The big question then Sheree. So we're looking to bring our next cohort in to Welsh Government for the digital apprenticeship, which is really exciting.

What would be your advice to someone considering the apprenticeship scheme and maybe who isn't sure about whether to apply or not? What would be your advice to them having been there and done it?


For me, I'd say if you're anything like me, a normal working person or a mum, whether you're leaving school, whether you're going to be a mature student like myself, looking for new experiences or changing career path, even if you don't have, you know, experience in digital or even have the best grades from school all them years ago.  What I would say is as long as you're eager and you want to learn and you're willing to learn, then all I can say is go for it.


It's not about the knowledge and knowing about digital already, it's about having the right attitude and being, you know, eager, interested in the subject and willing to learn.

Please consider it and to come and join us.

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