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How we manage our procurement of goods and services.

First published:
23 February 2021
Last updated:


We spend around £675 million a year buying goods, services, works, ICT and Digital tools/services.

We aim to ensure we spend this significant investment in a way that can provide the most benefit to Wales.

Our approach to procurement is to:

  • embed The Well-being of Future Generations is Act into all our activities
  • meet ministerial priorities and deliver effective public services
  • support the delivery of key policy areas such as decarbonisation, social partnership and fair work including promoting ethical employment in supply chains
  • be accountable and compliant with procedural, legal and international obligations
  • commit to the principles of the Wales Procurement Policy Statement
  • focus on achieving best value for money for the Welsh pound
  • streamline and simplify bidding for potential suppliers.

Rebecca Evans MS, Minister for Finance and Local Government, is responsible for this area.

I'm a supplier, how do I bid for contracts?


We use Sell2Wales to advertise all our contracts above £25,000.

Suppliers who want to do business with us must register on Sell2Wales.

Once registered you can see our current contract notices.

We publish our procurement contract notices and contract award details.

Advice about winning Welsh Government contracts is available.


We use eTenderWales to run procurements over £25,000.


  • gives suppliers easy access to tender documents
  • provides a secure way of returning tenders
  • provides a transparent process for raising queries during the tender process.

How do we manage our procurement of goods and services?

Our teams

Procurement Reform and Commercial Policy

  • links with the UK government to ensure that there is no misalignment between the UK Procurement Reform Bill which focuses on procurement processes and the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Bill which focuses on social outcomes of procurement
  • provides procurement policy advice, set standards and checks outcomes against delivery
  • works to add social value, improve value for money, and drive best practice internally and across the Welsh public sector.


Corporate Procurement Services (CPS)

  • provides best practice advice on procurement and commercial governance for departments within the Welsh Government.
  • contract manages large non-ICT contracts
  • works closely with departments across the Welsh Government, providing advice and guidance for all procurement activity and hands on support on tender activity over £25,000.


Commercial Procurement ICT (CPICT)

Is split into 2 teams:

ICT Procurement
  • provides procurement advice, support/governance for internal Digital and ICT procurements
  • delivers Digital/ICT framework agreements and ongoing contract management on behalf of the Welsh public sector
  • delivers the eProcurement Digital Action Plan and contract manage the eProcurement tools used across Wales
  • leads the discovery exercise to establish a centre of procurement excellence for Wales
Business Intelligence (BI)
  • completes a range of management information, analysis and business information activities to support both internal and external customers
  • links into strategic requirements from the ‘Digital Strategy for Wales’, Digital Action Plan & ‘Wales Procurement Policy Statement’, to provide single version of the truth BI reporting.


Commercial Procurement Delivery and Capability

Split into 2 teams:

Welsh Government Commercial Delivery (WGCD)
  • works with the wider public sector including local authorities and the Welsh NHS to develop and deliver collaborative national framework agreements
  • puts policy into practice and aims to deliver the best deal for the Welsh public sector embracing social value and value for money

View the collaborative procurement hub on Sell2Wales.

Commercial Capability
  • supports a programme of wider procurement capability development, leading on the development of courses and skills building to support the Welsh public sector.