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The Welsh Government’s Strategic Equality Plan for 2016-20 has been published.

First published:
15 December 2016
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

Communities and Children’s Secretary Carl Sargeant said he had also this week published the Welsh Government Financial Inclusion Delivery Plan and the Information and Advice Action Plan which both sit within the context of the Strategic Equality Plan.

Carl Sargeant said:

“Our equality objectives have been developed to deliver real changes to the ways we work. 

“They ensure that public services and employment are fair, accessible, responsive to people's needs, and that communities are inclusive.” 

The Communities Secretary said that the Financial Inclusion Delivery Plan sets out how the Welsh Government will work with partner organisations – both in Wales and at a UK level – to move to a more financially included society in Wales.

He added:

“The Delivery Plan highlights the link between financial inclusion and other key priorities such as tackling poverty and encouraging steps towards employment.  In particular, there are strong links with our Information and Advice Action Plan, which sets out how we will work with partners to establish a comprehensive network of quality assured information and advice providers. It also aligns with actions in strategies published by key partners, including the Financial Capability Strategy for Wales and the Credit Union Strategy for Wales. 

“We want to ensure the way we govern has the most effective impact on making our society fairer and more inclusive.

“Our Equality Objectives for the next four years will address the key equality challenges which matter most to the people of Wales. They will help us to deliver on the Well-being Goals so we can continue to demonstrate our cross Governmental commitment to tackling inequality. 

“This strategic and long term focus on tackling inequality will ensure we continue to make significant strides towards our vision of a fairer Wales in 2016-2020.”