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Shows how the Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP) has developed.

First published:
10 December 2018
Last updated:

October 2021

Completion of the ‘Sustainable management of marine natural resources’ EMFF project.

2019 to 2021

Awareness raising and training and the delivery of best practice.

12 November 2019

The first WNMP issued.

Autumn 2019

Formal adoption of the plan by:

  • Welsh Government ministers
  • Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (for certain non-devolved matters)

Early summer 2019

Implementation of WNMP and associated documents by developers and  relevant public authorities.

January 2019

Start on work package 2. (‘Sustainable management of marine natural resources’ EMFF project.)

December 2018

Stakeholder Reference Group meet to discuss final elements of the plan. ‘Sustainable management of marine natural resources’ EMFF project (work package 1) completed.

November 2018

Invitation to tender issued for work package 2. ('Sustainable management of marine natural resources’ European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) project.)

September 2018

Updated the Statement of Public Participation.

August to October 2018

Early engagement with public authorities. They will need to take decisions in line with the plan.

July 2018 to March 2019


  • monitoring framework
  • planning portal
  • supporting materials

Summer 2018

Engaged with Stakeholder Reference Group on key themes from the consultation. These include:

  • sustainable development
  • strategic resource areas
  • cross border management
  • evidence for planning

April to December 2018

Consultation with policy leads and stakeholders to finalise text.

April to May 2018

Responses to the consultation on the revised draft of the WNMP considered.

Summary of responses published.

April 2018

Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee and stakeholder workshop held. The workshop produced a report with 13 recommendations. This will be considered as part of the final Plan.

9 January 2018

Senedd debate on the draft WNMP.

December 2017 to March 2018

Formal consultation on the revised draft of the WNMP.

NB. This timeline is based on the assumption of no independent investigation.