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Update on discovery work into the development of an API for third-party software applications with its online tax system.

First published:
22 January 2019
Last updated:

In February 2018, we launched a new Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) digital tax system. Around 5,000 users are now registered to use the service. Nearly 97% of all Land Transaction Tax returns take place online.

Since autumn 2017, we have kept the need for an Application Programming Interface (API) under review. The API would allow third-party software applications to integrate with our online tax system.

We have analysed data from the first 6 months of operations and carried out a full discovery project. We have decided that the API does not represent value for money at this time when comparing cost and usage.

In preparation for 1 April (2018), we worked hard to deliver a bespoke, bilingual, digital tax system, which was reliable and effective. The WRA's priority remains on supporting and maintaining a reliable service.

We are now focusing further investment in digital. This will support essential changes to the existing online tax system. The WRA is also carrying out further discovery work to help improve the system, based on customer feedback.

We are committed to reviewing this decision and as our digital capability and maturity grows, we will reconsider the provision of an API. We want to make filing Land Transaction Tax returns as simple as possible. We'll keep working with legal professionals and third-party software suppliers to achieve this.

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