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Guidance on applying for our jobs at the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA).

Our jobs are advertised on the Civil Service Jobs website.

You’ll need to provide both:

  • a personal statement
  • a CV

Follow this guide on what to include in these documents.

How to write a personal statement

A personal statement allows you to expand on your CV to show your suitability for the role you’re applying for.

Your personal statement should:

  • show how your transferrable skills meet the requirements of the role as described in the job advert and/or job description
  • bring out your personal qualities and strengths, and describe how they would transfer to the role
  • include relevant examples from your experience to support your application
  • not be longer than 1,250 words

How to write your CV

A CV provides details of your:

  • employment history
  • previous skills and experience
  • qualifications

Your CV can include a brief personal statement. This is not the same as the personal statement document mentioned further above.

When writing your CV:

  • tailor it for the role you’re applying for, showing how you meet the requirements of the role and any essential criteria
  • use bullet points
  • order education or work histories so that the most recent is at the top
  • for each relevant role include:
    • your job title
    • organisation name
    • employment dates
    • main tasks, responsibilities, stakeholders
    • significant achievements
    • include any relevant voluntary work

Remove personal information

We use ‘name-blind’ recruitment to ensure that you’re judged on the merit of your personal statement and CV only. This helps exclude unrelated factors such as background, race or gender.

Please exclude the following on your CV and personal statement:

  • name and title
  • educational institution names
  • age and gender
  • contact details
  • nationality or immigration status

You can include details of your current role or organisation.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

We encourage disabled people to apply for jobs with us. 

As part of the Disability Confident Scheme, we guarantee an interview to applicants with a disability. As long as the minimum selection criteria for the role is met.

To be considered for an interview under this scheme, you must:

  • have either:
    • a physical or mental impairment
    • a long term health condition with substantial and long term (over 12 months) adverse effect on ability to carry out typical day to day activities
  • show in your application and testing stages you meet the minimum job criteria in the advert or person specification for the role