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How we manage young people’s personal information at the Welsh Revenue Authority.

About this privacy notice

This notice is for a young person to do with Land Transaction Tax. This is a tax people have to pay in Wales when they buy property or land when it's over a certain price. The Welsh Revenue Authority is responsible for collecting Land Transaction Tax.

You may want to read it with a trusted adult, or get someone to explain some things to you.

This is important to read, as it tells you about:

  • what personal information we collect
  • how we use it
  • what your rights are

There are more details in our full tax data privacy notice.

What's personal information?

‘Personal information’ means any information used to identify you, like:

  • your name
  • where you live

We get this personal information about you for Land Transaction Tax.

Why we need it

We need your personal information so we know who has bought property or land in Wales.

How we collect your information

We may collect and use your personal information when you or someone helping you (for example, a parent, guardian or a solicitor):

  • pays the tax, for example, when buying a house
  • contacts us

Personal information we collect about you

This personal information may include your:

  • title (for example, Miss, Mr, other) and full name
  • current and old addresses
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • phone numbers
  • proof of identity, like a birth certificate, passport or driving licence

Personal information about tax transactions, including any:

  • addresses
  • amounts involved

Also, any businesses involved, including their:

  • company name
  • addresses
  • company number, if they have one

We may also get personal information about you from other places, such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

How we use information about you

We’ll only use your personal information when we need it to help us collect the tax or to follow the law, for example, if we need to contact you.

Sometimes we may need to share your personal information with people we work with, like HMRC or your local council. This is to help make sure people pay the right amount of tax.

We may also use personal information to help us think about how Welsh taxes work and how we can improve them. We will not publish any of your personal information in any research that we do.

We’ll make sure your personal information is not shared with anyone else unless:

  • the law allows us
  • we need to so the right amount of tax is paid
  • it’s fair to do so

Keeping your information

We’ll keep your personal information for as long as we need to do our job, and make sure the right amount of tax is paid. We will delete your personal information after 20 years.

Any personal information we get about you will be kept safe.

Your rights

The law says you have certain rights when we collect and use your personal information.

Mostly, you have the right to be told how we use your personal information (this notice).

You also usually can:

  • ask to see your information
  • ask us to correct information you think is wrong

But in some cases, we may not be able to do this.

You can see more about other rights you may have in our full tax data privacy notice

You can also ask us about personal information we have about you:

  • from other organisations
  • shared for study or research
  • not to do with tax, like your feedback

Contact details

For questions about this notice or your rights, contact our Data Protection Officer. Complaints should also be sent to them first.

You can also complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The ICO is the UK authority for data protection issues.

Data Protection Officer

Welsh Revenue Authority
PO Box 108
Merthyr Tydfil
CF47 7DL

Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome correspondence in Welsh.

Information Commissioner’s Office (Wales)

Churchill House
17 Churchill Way
CF10 2HH

Telephone: 029 2067 8400 / 0303 123 1113

Rydym yn croesawu galwadau a gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome calls and correspondence in Welsh.

Changes to this privacy notice

We’ll update this page with any changes, for example, any new uses of personal data.