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A summary of the group’s purpose and how it will work.

The Welsh Government has established a Joint Ministerial Task and Finish (T&F) Group to take forward the whole school approach to emotional and mental well-being, as part of a whole system approach which also recognises the wider impact of physical well-being.  To make sure that children and young people remain at the heart of this work, it will be supported by a Youth Stakeholder Group.


The purpose of this group is:

  • To offer first-hand experience of mental health and well-being support for children and young people
  • To provide advice to the T&F group on their work programme
  • To co-produce policy with Welsh Government and Together for Children and Young People (T4CYP)
  • To challenge the T&F Group to keep the voice of children and young people at the centre of all its work

Group membership and structure

The Group will meet every 2-3 months, following the same schedule as the T&F group. If necessary, it may meet more often to take forward specific actions or pieces of work. Subcommittees may be formed with agreement of the whole group, to focus on particular pieces of work. The Group is time-limited and will run until the end of this Assembly term (May 2021).

It will be facilitated by Children in Wales and be attended by officials from the Welsh Government and T4CYP, in addition to its youth members.

Input outside of meetings

Outside of the Group, input may sometimes be sought electronically. The Group will agree how and when they want to be contacted outside of meetings.


In addition to members sharing personal experiences or opinions during Group meetings, officials may sometimes share ideas or information that is still under development, so shouldn’t be shared outside of the Group. Members are asked to respect this confidentiality.

Bill of Rights for the group

  • To be in a safe environment
  • No to be discriminated against
  • Your own opinion and express it
  • Info - Confidential
  • To be listened to
  • Your right to disagree - discussion
  • Independence
  • The right information
  • To be respected
  • To move around freely
  • To have a break
  • To be included in all discussions

My role as a member

  • To be respected
  • To give my opinion
  • To listen to other people
  • To show empathy
  • To share experiences & listen to others
  • To say when I need a break
  • Make sure other are involved in discussions if they want to be
  • To let people know if there are problems
  • To be thoughtful about what I say
  • To maintain confidentiality
  • To always be kind
  • To let staff know if I can’t make meetings
  • To keep in touch, for example, change of circumstances
  • To take our role outside & share awareness with others