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The Workforce Partnership Council (WPC) is a partnership of the trade unions, employers, and Welsh Government. It covers the devolved public services in Wales and is a forum for cross-public services workforce matters.

The WPC operates in equal partnership. It seeks to reach agreement or direction amongst all 3 partners on workforce matters which are cross-public service. It is a source of expert guidance, a forum for sharing information and good practice, and for influencing. It works to ensure all Wales agreements are implemented and guidance is acted upon. This includes consideration, challenge and enhancement of workforce relevant policy. It also supports collective practice, even where formal agreements cannot be secured.

The WPC is not a forum for collective bargaining, the resolution of local disputes or for sector-specific matters.

WPC Joint Executive Committee (JEC)

The WPC Joint Executive Committee is accountable to and facilitates the work of the WPC. The JEC operates in equal partnership and its membership is taken directly from the WPC.

WPC Support Team

The WPC Support Team reports to the JEC. It works with partners to deliver the WPC’s annual work programme. The Support Team is recruited from all 3 partners represented at the WPC.