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Information on the aggregate of employees, the self employed and government supported trainees at a broad industrial level for 2019.

This release is being published later than usual as a result of increased workload following the COVID-19 pandemic. The release has been scaled back from the usual statistical bulletin. All data can be found on StatsWales.

These figures are based on data from three different sources and provides estimates of workplace employment (or total jobs).

Main points

  • Wales was 1.44 million. This is the second highest level since the series began.
  • Between 2018 and 2019 total workplace employment in Wales decreased by 8,000 (0.6%). The corresponding UK figure increased by 1.1% over the same period.

Compared with the UK

  • Employment in Wales was proportionately higher in the public administration, defence, education & health sector (which is not the same as the public sector); the production sector; and the agriculture, forestry & fishing sector.
  • Employment in Wales was proportionately lower than in the UK for the finance & business activities sector and the other industries sector. It was similar to the UK in the wholesale, retail, transport, hotels & food sector.

There is substantial variation between industries at the local authority level in Wales.

We are currently reviewing our publications and data sets that estimate employment and jobs in Wales. If you regularly use this publication and associated data, please contact


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