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Agenda item 1: notes and actions of the previous meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting and the amended Terms of Reference were agreed.

Agenda item 2: work programme

The Forum heard a presentation on the need to raise awareness, one of the key workstreams identified in the last meeting. The presentation highlighted the need for better access to information, advice, and support for workers and employers on the rights and responsibilities landscape in Wales. Members discussed the challenges and ways the forum may be able to overcome them through social partnership. The Forum acknowledged this would be a long-term agenda item and would need further discussion at future meetings.

Agenda item 3: Social Model of Disability

The forum heard a presentation on the Social Model of Disability from a Disabled People's Employment Champion, about how it differs from the medical model. He explained how the social model challenges the barriers that disabled people face in the labour market and society, and how the Welsh Government and social partners can promote it.

The Forum heard about the policy levers that support the social model, such as the Equality Act, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the Well-being of Future Generations Act. The Forum heard about practical help and advice and discussed issues such as the accessibility to work, documents, services, policies and procedures, and how to use social model language.

Agenda item 4: incidents at chemical manufacturing sites

The Forum discussed a report on an incident that occurred at a site that was not on the control of major accident hazards (COMAH) register and raised questions about how sites get classified and identified, monitored and registered allowing for training and union engagement. Members with an active interest agreed to set up a meeting to discuss this further outside of the forum.

Agenda item 5: any other business and close of meeting

Members commented that the Forum’s previous meeting had helped the Unions and HMRC deliver training to its members on the minimum wage.