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When writing to ministers elected representatives are asked to use the ministerial e mail addresses set up specifically to receive ministerial correspondence. These are on our Writing to Ministers page. Please do not use ministers' Member of the Senedd email addresses to send correspondence which is for them in their ministerial role. Doing so adds to the time taken before they can respond as the correspondence has to be forwarded to the Welsh Government before we can start dealing with it.

Although individual ministers can take a different approach, in general when we receive ministerial correspondence it is passed to the relevant policy department. There, civil servants will prepare advice for the minister on the terms of a response. This enables the minister to consider the letter in the context of all relevant and up to date background information. This approach means that ministers will generally see correspondence for the first time when it is submitted to them with the accompanying background information and advice. Where ministerial staff decide that correspondence requires a Minister's immediate personal attention they can ensure that the minister sees it before civil servants prepare their advice.

Ministers aim to respond personally to all correspondence from elected representatives. They seek to do so within the Welsh Government's target of 17 working days. Frequently, replies are sent much sooner than this. You will receive an acknowledgement indicating the date by when you can expect a reply.